14 outubro, 2014

Coma Doméstico

It’s funny and even a little bit scary just how much we get wrapped up in our own lives as we grow older. As adults with kids and jobs and bills and all that stuff, we often find ourselves stripped to the bone when it comes to free time and hobbies or whatever.
All of these responsibilities and duties we have to our spouses and our children and our homes and pets and vehicles and utility companies and blah blah blah, they come at such a high cost that I think a lot of people, myself included, begin to look at any kind of relaxation or downtime as — are you
ready for this, here it comes — THE ENEMY.

We need to produce actual time in order to get everything done to produce the funds to keep them going. When you stop to think about that, it kind of becomes clear why a lot of us begin to fail in the marriage department sometime down the line after the honeymoon phase fizzles out. What began as pure romance, as unfiltered passion and the unique, almost artistic emotional drive that young love fosters, that all pretty quickly becomes a small business venture.

(...) I gave up a lot too. And the things that I gave up, things that I just slid aside to make way for all of my money-making and time management, those were the things that really defined me as a human being. Then, as I suspect it goes with a lot of married people, you kind of slide into the Domesticated Coma. Years go by and your old self, the one that you were so familiar with, the one that actually did shit and had fun, (...) that person dies away a little more.
 I think the coma swallowed us both and by the time it began rolling us around in its giant whale belly and trying to turn us into something new, that’s when we finally realized (or she did at least, thank God) that what was once a pretty cool if imperfect marriage of two unique people had been digested into a slimy skid of whale shit.

Às vezes, outros dizem as coisas tão bem que nem vale a pena dizer muito mais. O difícil é ter o momento em que ambos estão dispostos a sair do "coma" sem que seja preciso, como o autor deste texto, levar a uma separação. É dificil encontrar em duas pessoas, numa relação, a vontade de manter a relação fresca, mas mais do que isso, manter uma identidade própria, que não a de família, de modo a suster toda essa realidade familiar. E infelizmente, só o amor não chega.

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